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We treat infants to geriatrics. We're trained in a variety of different treatment modalities in order to find the best fit for the needs that each individual and/or family system has. Frequently, clients start off with their own individual therapy and decide that processing family dynamics would be helpful.  Because an issue typically is not caused by one person, family therapy can be a helpful way to work together and find out where the disconnect in communication or understanding may be.  There are several different therapy modalities for individual therapy and different techniques that can be used for family therapy as well.

Some areas of specialty are EMDR, Play Therapy, Autplay®, Theraplay®, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Practices, Strength Based Model, Solution Focused Model, Anger Replacement Therapy (ART), and many others.  We believe it is important to be able to draw from a variety of different theoretical approaches in order to find the best fit for each person we serve. 


Our Focus:

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Autplay, EMDR, Play Therapy, Individual & Family Therapy, Therapy (TM) Techniques and Trauma Work.


Sometimes our clients are unable to meet in person. Learn more about our Telehealth services.


We provide clinical supervision to clinicians wishing to seek their independent licensure. Read more on our approach.


We are a partner with Guiding Star Cedar Valley. As a partner we assist individuals and families through difficulties they're having in regards to fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum related issues. 


Trauma can be defined in several ways due to each individual experiencing events in different ways.  Because of this, no one person can define what trauma means to an individual. 

Insurance Companies

We work with a number of insurance companies and are open to working with others in order to meet the needs of the community. 


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