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Kelli Switzer Approach – Switzer Counseling | Angie Wilson Approach – Wilson Counseling

Kelli's Approach

Kelli is a Licensed Independent Social Worker in private practice who has over 10 years of experience.  Kelli works with the lifespan of individual from infants to geriatrics.  It is her goal to provide an environment where you feel safe to share your story and fight the obstacles that you are faced with in order to find strength and healing in your journey. 


Kelli believes that each individual and family are unique, thus the treatment utilized should be unique as well.  She will utilize a variety of different treatment approaches in order to assist you in this journey.  Kelli also has extensive experience in treating individuals who have experiences or witnessed a traumatic experience.  Kelli utilizes a variety of approaches in working with these individuals in order to assist them in healing from trauma and increasing their ability to manage situations they are confront with, in the future.

Angie's Approach

Everyone is unique. We all communicate, learn and approach problems in different ways. Therapy isn't meant to be a one-size fits all approach. Because of that, my therapeutic approach is diverse and based on what suits my client best. I'm experienced in working with clients who are struggling with life transitions, trauma, unresolved past issues, family conflict, and anger and anxiety management. We are the experts of our own lives, but having a safe person to process our struggles with can help to sort through past matters and advance us towards the person we want to be.


I’ve completed EMDR I and EMDR II training. With this certification I possess skills to work with those who struggle with trauma, anxiety or pain. I’m also trained in Theraplay and Telehealth Services. Theraplay is a child and family therapy technique for building healthy & positive relationships.


Telehealth involves the distribution of health-related services via electronic information. I’ve earned my Registered Play Therapy credentialing (RPT-S). This registration qualifies me to provide supervision for clinicians working towards this specialty. 

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